irsfl.com provides new foreclosures filings (LP’s) for Orange and Seminole County and scheduled sales for Seminole County. We update the data daily with the most comprehensive information available in the market today. We read through the case files extracting all the pertinent information. We then combine it with the property appraiser, comptroller, mapping and several real estate programs to deliver a full physical and financial description of each foreclosure. In addition to the property address we provide the tax address and summons address if they are different. The defendant is not always the owner. We will identify the owner and their address as well. All addresses can be easily downloaded in three different formats for mail merge. Case files can be saved in your own password-protected files enabling you to save, categorize and comment on each case. irsfl.com has been offering foreclosure data in the Central Florida market since 1991. Our commitment to deliver quality information and unsurpassed customer service has been unwavering. Our goal is to assist you in achieving success in this highly profitable market. irsfl.com is your resource for the tools necessary to streamline your business. We are available to assist, inform, network and educate. We are not your competition. We are your competitive edge.