Q: What makes irsfl.com different from the other foreclosure databases?

A: irsfl.com has been in business since 1991. Our data is uploaded daily. Our information is more comprehensive than any other service anywhere. We compile our cases from at least 3 different sources manually to ensure accuracy We provide a full physical and financial description of each property including additional liens, default dates and balances We provide person service answering calls and questions all day. We assist with every aspect of the foreclosure business even if the question does not relate to our website.

Q: What cases are posted and when?

A: irsfl.com lists the new foreclosures known as lis pendens case files as soon as they are available from the clerk of the court. We update the cases (in select counties) with sale dates and final judgments

Q: What long does it take a foreclosure to go from a new filing to a scheduled sale?

A: Before 2008 the rule of thumb was a bank would file a new LP 3-6 after the mortgage went into default. 306 months after that a summary final judgment would be issued with a sale date. After 2008 the number of foreclosure greatly increased, adding to the amount of time it took for banks to file and even longer for a resolution. We are still seeing cases filed in 2008 on our sale calendars. That said with the number of case filings leveling out and the market recovering foreclosures are being processed quicker than in the previous 5-7 years. There are 2015 cases on our calendar for sale this year.

Q: Is the courthouse sale the only way to obtain a foreclosure?

A: No. There are numerous and creative ways investors buy foreclosure properties. As in any business, there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way. As a foreclosure investor there a numerous opportunities to make a lot of money but we always warn against moving forward without proper legal advise.

Q: Is the foreclosure business a get rich quick business?

A: Absolutely not. Please be warned that even though there is a lot of money to be made in this business it is not without knowledge and skill. Yes, many people have made more on one deal than many people make in a year but it is not without the proper tools. Proceed cautiously. You would not open a restaurant without basic business sense, the right kitchen utensils and few tested recipes. Give at least the same thought to buying a foreclosure.

Q: What happens to the mortgage if I buy a house when the Homeowners Association foreclosures?

A: If the homeowners association foreclosures and there is a mortgage on the property, the property will not be free and clear. Please be sure to consult an attorney or obtain a title search to check on any liens on the property that you may become your responsibility before purchasing the property at the sale.

Q: What happens if I buy a property at the sale and it is was a second mortgage and there is a first?

A: A first mortgage in foreclosure should name junior liens and mortgages in the complaint, notifying them their position is in jeopardy, however, the second mortgage will not supersede the first therefor they are not required and often do not list the first mortgage. In other words, the better a deal looks, the closer you should examine it.

Q: Do you list liens that are on the property?

A: We do list any liens named in the complaint by the plaintiffs attorney. We not guarantee that the liens provided are all the liens. If no liens are listed we do not claim there aren't any. We report the news as it is filed. We strongly recommend you seek a title search to verify all information.

Q: Why won't irsfl.com guarantee the information provided?

A: We compile information from public resources that are not guaranteed. We do our best to confirm all the information we publish. We will also make a note whenever possible to inform our clients of any inconsistencies we find so you can sort the data and verify the items that are important to you.

Q: Can you add search fields or other features if a customer requests them.

A: Yes, within reason of course Most of our features have been created based on the requests and needs of our clients. This website is your business in a box designed to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself with as little effort as possible. irsfl does the work you do not have the time to do. We publish the data with tools in place to help you streamline your work sorting through hundreds of leads to find the gems.